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Since 1993 we have successfully managed a client list of business and leisure travellers by providing:

"honest, personal, and value based travel advice in a prompt professional manner."

We provide a variety of services which set us apart from regular travel agents and put us way ahead of any anonymous connection you might make booking direct on the internet or with a travel supplier.

Our team of experienced travel specialists have been organising the travel plans for thousands of individuals for many years.

We're real people, dedicated to making sure that you'll have the best holiday, experience new destinations, new cultures and new people. Our attention to detail is what can make the difference between a good trip and the holiday of a lifetime. Travel with confidence knowing that you'll get added value, simply by booking with us.

For the corporate traveller, we offer the security of knowing that your travel will be done right the first time. We understand that plans can change at the last minute and that you need someone reliable and who can be there and make it happen.

Fine Travel's reputation within the travel industry is very highly regarded, affording us preferential levels of partnership and cooperation from many of our supplier and industry partners both locally and abroad.

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We are dedicated and passionate about travel, and together, we are your best holiday search engine.

Paul Collins


I have brought together a team of keen, talented, travel professionals who as stakeholders, are committed to enhancing clients travel enjoyment.

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Jenny Collins


I am the behind the scenes fixer, sorter, organizer, sounding board and have enjoyed travelling to many fine places including a posting in Rarotonga for 3 years.

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Kimberlee Collins

Fine Travel Consultant

I have been fortunate to grow up in a family where travelling to some new destination or revisiting a favourite has been the norm.

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Irene Field

Fine Travel Consultant

My two greatest passions are travel and elephants - but the elephants are another story.

If you are either a first time or well-seasoned traveller, I would love to help you with your travel plans.

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Merrill Holst

Fine Travel Consultant

I have had 27 amazing years in the travel industry.

‘Amazing’ because I love helping people achieve their desired holiday experiences and with every consultation I learn so much more about people and destinations.

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Martin Judd

Fine Cruise Consultant

Choosing a cruise can be a somewhat daunting task, especially for a first cruise.

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Jennie Ready

Fine Travel Consultant

I love my job (to be honest it doesn’t even feel like a “job”) and aim to help people, wherever and whatever their plans are, to have the best holiday experience possible.

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Heather Whiteman

Fine Travel Consultant

I have two interests, in particular, that have been very influential in my travels – history and fine arts.

A “Mozart” concert at a Roman amphitheatre at Asbendos (Turkey), not to mention the wonderful old ruins at Perge and Termessos.

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Alisa Milne

Fine Travel Consultant

My passion for travel began at a young age as my family travelled to many wonderful and exciting destinations. I continue to do so today.

This led me to be involved in the travel industry in New Zealand for over 10 years. What’s more, I have recently returned to NZ after living and working as a Travel Agent in London for 2 years.

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Christine Stranger

Fine Travel Consultant

Wherever in the world you wish to go I would love to assist you with your travel.

My career in photography has been followed by an another exciting career in the travel industry. This has enabled me to visit and live in many locations in the world.

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