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Richard Taylor

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My career in sales and general management enabled me to travel to all three regions of the world. When I travel for pleasure, I just like to chill out and have a hassle free holiday. On business, it needs to be efficient both in terms of my time and investment.

Without a doubt, the more you travel the more tricks of the trade you stumble across. Having knowledgeable people to guide you can beat any booking engine on the internet. The Booking Online…OMG! makes me smile because I think I have personally experienced every one of them in my business travels.

I do enjoy experiencing different cultures, cities and out of the way places. Probably the two best places I have been recently was a cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Seward in Alaska. Once we left the ship we boarded a glass topped train for a very scenic trip to the Denali National park.

The next day we hopped on a bus to Kantishna at the back of the park, spotting wildlife along the way. A momma bear walked right up to our stationary bus bellowing at her cub to slide down the hill and join her. A real National Geographic moment!

The other very special place that you have to go …and take your kids or grandkids… is the Galapagos Islands. There is something incredibly special about having birds, seals, turtles and fish carry on with their daily routines with absolutely no fear of humans. It is like you are invisible to them. They are within feet of you as they have their cubs, feed their young and swim curiously close to you as you snorkel alongside them.

Travel is a big investment both in terms of time and money. Also there are ‘so many things to see and so little time’. Take a tip from me. Talk to the experts and make sure you get it right because often there are no second chances.

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