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Lufthansa Group

About Lufthansa Business Class To The UK & Europe

The Lufthansa Group comprises three airlines (Lufthansa, Austrian Air and Swiss Air) that work in conjunction with airlines that fly directly into New Zealand including Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines. In partnership with these airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Air and Swiss Air connect into their comprehensive networks within Europe.

Why Choose Lufthansa

Fine Travel clients considering flying with Lufthansa appreciated knowing:

  • Through the various networks and partnerships, the Lufthansa Group can offer First, Business and Premium Economy airfares.

  • The Lufthansa Group is a Star Alliance member.  

  • For European itineraries that include a number of cities, the comprehensive Lufthansa network allows for greater flexibility and connections.


Experience Business Class

The Lufthansa Group network of airlines offers lie-flat Business Class seats on long-haul services.  

First Class and Premium Economy are also available on selected flights.

Secure Specials with Fine Travel

At Fine Travel we work closely with the Lufthansa Group to secure the latest Business Class discounts to the UK and Europe for our clients.  Through a direct relationship with Lufthansa’s New Zealand based team we can:

  • Save our clients time by investigating travel dates that meet their needs and fit with discounts available.

  • Provide comprehensive itineraries that can be held before payment is required (when compared with the instant purchase option online).

Should you require any date changes, special requests (such as allowances for allergies) or a stopover, we can also arrange these for you, saving time working with Lufthansa’s call centre.

The Lufthansa Network

With three airlines as part of its network (Lufthansa, Swiss Air and Austrian Air) the Lufthansa Group has three European hubs that it flies into.  From those hubs, connections can then made to their domestic European networks.


  • The Lufthansa Network airlines fly to the following European hubs:
  • Lufthansa - Frankfurt and Munich
  • Swiss Air - Zurich
  • Austrian Air - Vienna

First Class and Premium Economy

First Class and Premium Economy are only available on certain aircraft within the Lufthansa network.

Flying Around the World

The Lufthansa Group has positioned itself as the “go-to” airline group for around the world airfares.  Through its airline partnerships and the three airlines within its own group, clients have the opportunity to compile a comprehensive itinerary.  Examples include:

  • Christchurch - Hong Kong - Zurich - Madrid - Zurich - San Francisco - Auckland - Christchurch
  • Auckland - Vancouver - Montreal - Zurich - Dubrovnik - Vienna - Chicago - Los Angeles - Auckland.

Finding Discounted Lufthansa Group Business Class Airfares

For its Business Class and Premium Economy airfares to the UK / Europe, Lufthansa releases specific fare classes which must be available on all flights to secure the cheapest airfares.  Through our experience selling Lufthansa, our comprehensive reservations system, we work with our clients to find the dates that the discounted Business Class and Premium Economy airfares are available and help them integrate their Lufthansa flights into their itinerary.