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Contacting Fine Travel

Welcome to the first step in your concierge-style travel experience.  At the end of this process we will provide you with a personalised itinerary that can include everything from airfares to accommodation, tours and cruises.  We look forward to making your trip a memorable one.

During office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm) our reception team are available to connect you with a Fine Travel Consultant using the following numbers:

Auckland: 09 363 2754

Free Phone: 0800 00 3463

If you’d like to contact us outside of office hours, or prefer to contact us electronically, please free free to email us, or complete the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need this information?

    Your answers to the questions below allow your Fine Travel Consultant to get to know you and your travel plans (the more information you can provide the better). They will start checking availability and pricing before talking with you further about your travel needs.
  • What if I’m not ready to make a final reservation?

    If you complete the form on this page, it does not generate a final reservation – this only happens when you are happy with your personalised itinerary and you tell your Fine Travel Consultant to start the booking process. If you are just wanting to see if a holiday fits within your budget please let us know.
  • Do I just end up with whoever is free in a call centre each time I contact you?

    Our goal is to deliver personalised concierge style service and to become your travel agent for life. Your Fine Travel Consultant will be dedicated to meeting your travel needs. You will not be dealing with a different person each time you contact us.
  • Does Fine mean you are more expensive?

    No. Our aim is to provide you with Fine service and a Fine travel experience at an affordable price.
  • I can just book this myself online can’t I?

    In some cases yes. The more important question is, do you want to? A complex itinerary has a lot of dependencies and often one change will require you to make many more, chewing into your value time. Like having a direct line to a High St lawyer, accountant or private banker, working with a Fine Travel Consultant provides you with the same level of experience and expertise with your travel plans. So if you miss a connection, your flight is cancelled or you just feel like staying on longer – all you need to do is contact your Fine Travel Consultant to handle it for you.