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Duration: 21 days or more
Location: Designated collection and return locations
Price: Vehicle Dependant

Spring Sale – Book by 31 May 2018

Take advantage of this Spring Sale for your 2018 driving holiday in Europe.

Why Choose Peugeot EuroLease

Peugeot EuroLease is New Zealand’s number 1, and the world-wide number 1, car leasing brand for Europe!

Leasing a tax-free Peugeot is a scheme provided by the French Government that enables non-European residents to drive a brand new Peugeot from 21 days to almost 6 months.

You receive a brand new Peugeot with full factory warranty, unlimited kilometres and full insurance (with no excess) for fire, theft, accident and legal protection, cover for lost/stolen keys, fuel inversion (wrong fuel) andpunctures, plus personal accident benefits.

You are encouraged to visit your nearest Peugeot Dealer to ensure you choose the most appropriate car for your holiday in Europe. The dealers are happy for you to try your suitcases and yourselves in the range of Peugeot vehicles they have available to ensure everything and everyone fit. Unfortunately you will not be able to “test drive” a car. One of the reasons is that the vehicle specifications and performance differ between NZ & European models.